Session 2

Jam Session 2

Talk 1: Passion, Talent vs Success, Igniting The Fire

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli ​

Talk 2: More on Talent vs Success & Doing it for The Right Reasons


Homework for Session 2

1. Do you have a rock-solid belief in yourself and what you’re doing?

2. Does what you’re doing make a difference (in someones life or in your industry)?

3. If you have some self doubt, what is it primarily about? Your capabilities? Your ability to affect others in a positive way? Some early life issues? Don’t have any good mentors or leaders in your field to look up to, so as to know it’s absolutely possible to do what you want to do? etc etc etc…explore this a bit if you have some cracks.

4. Have you been holding back and not truly who you REALLY are? What is the cause of this ‘holding back’? Spend some time with this…this matters. We need you to come more fully alive and out of your shell.

5. Persistence: What have you given up on? What do you need to be more relentless about? What fire do you need to rekindle (on a regular basis)? How can you add more meaning to this mission you’re on so that you can easily dance with it every day?

6. Write down why you know you can do this…why it matters…and who you need to become more fully to pull this off with a bang! Use the back side of this page…let this one rip!