Session 4

Session 4 – Details & Homework


Homework for Session 4

1. What is your physical stage? (actual stage, speaker meetings, boardroom, etc?)

2. How well greased and setup is your digital stage to match/enhance your physical stage?

3. What is your initial list of songs (topics)?

4. Creative space setting…for creative rituals. Make this happen…make it special…it’s worth it. Set time to charge the muse. What time of day will you do this? How many times a week? Commit to this…make it a part of your life that you REALLY enjoy.

5. Remember last session’s homework? SET THAT DATE….begin with your first song.

6. Start thinking tribe…who else belongs in your creative sphere?

7. Are you REALLY being you when you perform? Don’t create something that you’re NOT….just enhance who you already are! Tell us about your wonderful self here…