The Magic of Relationships

Establishing amazing relationships with your customers, your team members and others is KEY to creating not only a loyal raving customer base but also an inspired rock star level of employees. Nail this and you’re set!

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What Can We Help You With?

  • Amplify Your Distinctive Brand Presence: Set yourself apart in the bustling market space and captivate attention with your distinctive brand allure.
  • Transformational Journey from Good to Great: Let us navigate you on a path of evolution, turning your “good” into “great”, and unleashing your true potential for unprecedented success.
  • Expansive Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy: We will guide you and point you to the best of the best, to develop a comprehensive, seamless plan that ensures your product reaches the hands and screens of your target audience.
  • Illuminate Your Brilliance through Corporate Culture: Gain clarity on the essential elements that foster an organizational culture radiating brilliance, inspiring both internal team members and customers alike.
  • Crafting Impactful Products & Services: We’re committed to making sure your offering not only reaches the market, but leaves a lasting, resonant impact, cementing your legacy in the minds of customers.

As a recap, if you’re not familiar with Tony and his background here’s a quick highlight reel:

* He got U2 their first network TV and radio gigs.

* The David Bowie organization reached out to him to promote David Bowie on tour.

* When he immigrated to the US. The US gov gave him the visa: Alien of Extraordinary Ability

* He’s work with many other greats like Depeche Mode, The Police, Genesis (Phil Collins), etc etc etc

* He was hired by Rony Abovitz of Magic Leap to be his “Chief Evangelist and Zenmaster of the School of Cool”

Can Tony help you to go from “Good to Great” …we believe that’s a big fat YES.

Ok, so who’s this Sean guy?

* Is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). That’s just fancy speak for studying patterns of success at a finite level so it can be replicated.

* Has over 23 years experience in marketing online.

* Is a bit of a tech nerd. After spending over 12 years in the US Air Force (flying a desk and a computer), he can quickly resolve tech issues to get on with what he loves most…the creative side of business. You know, the stuff that stands out and makes a difference.

Again if you want to join our private coaching experience, send Sean an email.

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