Tony’s Set List

Tony’s Set List Session

Recap of the set list we came up with for a 30-45 min session:

1. Your entry into the music industry.
highlights: Having the guts to apply for a job you had no experience in. The willingness to risk, to do things you’ve never done, to learn. Also “If I didn’t get a job in the music industry it was ok, because I already didn’t have a job in the music industry.”

2. The U2 early days story.
highlights: Be willing to play to a room of 11 people. Play to them like you’re playing to a stadium of 50,000 people. Have an appreciation for your customers. After they played hard would come back out and greet all in the audience…work ethic. Be willing to suck a little in the beginning, you will get better. Your first product might suck…make it better. Remember the iphone 1? And now we’re on 14 almost 15! Bono’s voice would crack, the base guitarist was “ok”, Chris Blackwell thought they were a “little trebely” and still got a record deal! Because of they’re charisma and enthusiasm.

3. The Simon Cowell story.
highlights: Talent vs Success. The relentless focus and bull dog persistence. The UTTER belief in himself that we WAS going to become a great music promoter. Look at him now compared to when you first met him (bankrupt 2x and living with parents).

4. The “Island Effect”
hightlights: Hiring for ‘who they are’ not just talent. Creating an amazing culture starts with recruiting. This is vital! You have to be willing to fire the backstabbers, the toxic people, etc. Also the reminder of the need to surround yourself with great people.

This leads into a discussion of your day job and if they want to surround themselves with you and your partner who A&Rs you…come on over.

Your homework. Do a video of yourself standing up as if on a stage and send it over when done so we can critique it.

Sean Sean the Leprechaun.